Tips to a Natural Body

Here at the Enduro Bike Shop we believe that healthy people look healthy, this starts with a regular exercise routine, good meals and plenty of supplements. We obviously advocate that people would try using bikes, as that is our speciality - but we're happy for people to find an exercise that they love so they can keep themselves fit.

So what is the difference between a healthy and natural body, and one that is unhealthy? I'm sure you've laughed at people that look like Arnold, and felt sorry for those that have eating disorders. So we're going to help you define your body in a way that is healthy, and natural.

Defining a healthy body

One of the questions we get asked all the time in the shop is how people can lose fat on their way to work. It's important to understand that a healthy body has fat on it. If we are trying to remove all our body's natural fat then we are actually going against nature and are going to find ourselves extremely unhappy. We also need to understand that women and men have different body's, as well as the different types of body shape that you might have.

As a mesomorph, it is always quite easy to put on body fat and put on muscle, so healthy often looks like a balance between decent portion sizes and regular activity. If you are also a mesomorph, you may want to consider doing some compound exercises and slight bodybuilding, as discussed here.

How to get a healthy body

We are always looking for a quick fix, an easy solution to the time old problem of looking healthy. The truth is, it's as simple as regular activity and healthy foods. When you start becoming competitive you are looking to have a body that is unnaturally strong or fast, and this is where you start to require supplements to help your body cope with the additional stresses from demand.