Bodybuilding and Cycling

You may be wondering why people that cycle would bother to do some form of body building at all? It doesn't make sense to try and be strong and heavy, when you're trying to be fast and nimble. And there's some wisdom in that, but below we're going to explore why some forms of bodybuilding are not bad - as well as the importance of supplements found at

To start with, body building doesn't always have to mean that you look like a tank. Many people use body building to help them with their races or long distance cycling trips because it can increase their muscle mass. Since you're going to be using your muscles, it makes sense to have more muscles right?

Tips to a Natural Body

Here at the Enduro Bike Shop we believe that healthy people look healthy, this starts with a regular exercise routine, good meals and plenty of supplements. We obviously advocate that people would try using bikes, as that is our speciality - but we're happy for people to find an exercise that they love so they can keep themselves fit.

So what is the difference between a healthy and natural body, and one that is unhealthy? I'm sure you've laughed at people that look like Arnold, and felt sorry for those that have eating disorders. So we're going to help you define your body in a way that is healthy, and natural.